Thinking About Light

I’m not a scientist; I don’t know much about the physics of light production. But something about the symbolism of light, the idea of light as exposure and as a guide and as hope and as a million other mythic and grand concepts that captivate me.

I use the tag #lightindarkplaces on Instagram more than I care to admit. The pictures vary, but below are a few:

Last night stillness #lightindarkplaces #london #vangoghwalk

A post shared by becky celestina (@_becelestial) on

stars in the raindrops on my window #lightindarkplaces

A post shared by becky celestina (@_becelestial) on

but alas I am only a ghost #light #lightindarkplaces

A post shared by becky celestina (@_becelestial) on

The tag has a small number of posts, only 469. That number is so small and yet not small enough to mean nothing. 469 people saw light and came to the same unpopular tag to share it.

#lightindarkplaces came to me in my own dark place. Stress and negativity grew a brick in my chest. They dimmed my light. #lightindarkplaces was a way to combat that and see the small lights in the darkness that I saw and felt around me. Light was hope that even the darkest dark could be overcome by the smallest light. Light was my beacon.

Recently, I came back to the tag in a different mindset. I didn’t need the light for hope because I myself was the light. I came back knowing that the world may be dark but I can be my own hope, my own savior.

#lightindarkplaces means a lot to me: freedom, independence, hope. But it also contributes to the lore surrounding light. Its public symbolism and its personal salvation. And this blog will strive to be that: public and personal light.


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